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About Us

Clay has been something, which has fascinated us from day one, we had the urge to set up a manufacturing unit, using our creativity into forming clay and then firing it into various shapes and sizes. Our family enterprise, Pioneer Bricks Pvt Ltd has innovated clay technology to its optimum. Our involvement in this creative sector is now 25 years old, it is amazing to see how simple clay is and yet how complex it gets under different conditions.

Understanding clay through its various moods and behavior, its parameters and its beauty are an experience, the learning process of handling clay never ends, it just makes us learn more, something new each day as we get more and more experienced. Playing with clay has giving us the experience to create and produce unique quality products for modern day constructions catering to all kinds of looks and feels for clients and architects for their wide range of projects.

Modern techniques combined with the ethnic nature of the product help us to create something totally different from other manufacturers around the globe. We let nature work upon the products right from clay preparation to shaping to firing, resulting in producing amazing products with so much of class that they stand apart from other similar products. Firing imprints and tones are allowed to form on the products giving them their natural classical aged looks rather than artificial uniformity.

Our endeavor has been to stick to the basic looks and to promote the inherent nature of the product and create products the natural way using modern day shaping and firing techniques. Our focus is always in keeping the parameters and specifications of our products at par and if not better than most players in our field.

We have treaded the entire path of the product from basic manufacturing to modern concepts, and have learnt immensely along the way. One characteristic of our uniqueness is the ability and challenge to undertake any new products within our manufacturing parameters making us not only the leading clay brick company in India, but also an innovator in designing brick technology. Extensive research, analysis and development make our products durable, versatile, giving shade and dimensional options which when combined transform constructions into works of art.