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Summerset Series
Pavescape Series
Bringelly Series

Choosing the right tiles for the pavers can be a tough task as we know these are long term investments. Pioneer Caps & Slopes now makes sure that you have the widest choice of paving tiles with you!

We have handpicked some of the best paver blocks manufacturers to offer you speckled choice of varied interlocking paver blocks. It is essentially our main priority to offer more choices that suit the needs of the exteriors and caters to beauty of the outdoors. Our assortment includes some amazing Interlocking Pavers tiles that are chosen in a number of colors and themes to suit the needs of homes.

We understand that kind of investment pavers require, and you wouldnt like to change them time and often. This makes us more wary of the quality of tiles we offer to the customers, and we are only offering the best options at par with international products. We would like to bring focus on our range of Summerset Series, Pavescape Series and Bringelly Series, each highly different and versatile from others. Colors in all the series are as varied as it can get with options like cream, coffee and Garnet on offering!

Every home comes with its unique set of needs, and we make sure the alternatives are many and far from each other! For installation and demo on the paver tiles we own, please feel free to give us a call for an appointment. Designing your home is a like a long dream we cherish!