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Product Specifications Quality and beauty is best expressed in the Monarch French tile. Clay has long been the traditional roof tile material, as terracotta provides both Strength and insulation against temperature and weather. The monarch French tiles unique two valley shape gives the roof line a look of texture and Flow. It will give your home a look of refinement and classical style and is Ideal for both rural and city living.

Monarch French terracotta tiles interlock at the head and side lap and are laid in A cross bond pattern. To ensure maximum weather proofing the nail hole For tile fixing has been designed in the batten lug on the underside of the tile And is unique to Boral Roofing.

For further fixing detail refer to Roof Installation Section.

CoverageNo. of tiles per m (squared): 11.9
Dimensions (Nominal)Actual length: 423 mm
Actual width: 265 mm
Exposed length: 355 mm
Exposed width: 236 mm
Mass(Nominal) Mass per tile: 3.1 kg
Mass per m (squared): 37.2 kg
Set Out (Nominal) Batten spacing: 337 mm min. - 362 mm max.
It is good tiling practice to check the gauge of all kiln fired clay roof tiles At the site.
Recommended BondCross Bond
Minimum Roof PitchMinimum recommended pitch under normal conditions, is 15° with sarking and 20° without sarking. Sarking may be required at pitches greater than 20° in areas requiring special consideration, such as coastal areas and exposed of elevated sites.
Maximum Rafter Length At the minimum roof pitch the maximum rafter length allowed is 4.5 metres. For rafter length over 4.5 metres, Boral Roofing recommends you add 2° to the pitch for every metre of additional rafter length.

(The maximum un-sarked rafter length is 6 metres. This conforms with the Requirements of AS 2050.)
QualityAll tiles are designed to conform to the Australian Standards AS 2049 Roof Tiles, and AS 2050 installation of Roof Tiles.
GeneralProduct information contained in this leaflet is correct at time of printing. However, due to Boral's commitment for continued improvement, Specifications are subject to change without notice. Boral's liability is limited to the replacement of product should it fail to perform as specified in literature current at the date of manufacture. Fixing standards are product specifications contained in this leaflet are minimum recommendations based on Australian Standards and good trade practice.